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Zebhdiyah Pykosz

Front-end/fullstack JS developer and UI designer. Employed as web developer at Middlebury College. Wanna-be minimalist. Coffee disliker. Creator of Fateseal.


  • Fateseal

    MTG deck building app, card database, and social platform

    NodeJS, Graphql, ReactJS, Apollo, Styled Components, MongoDB
  • Middlebury Magazine

    Wordpress Genesis child theme for Middlebury Magazine

    frontend and backend development
    Wordpress, Sass, Gulp, Babel


I'm first and foremost a front-end (whoa) developer with a penchant for UI design, born and raised in rural Vermont, US. I am primarily self-taught with 6 combined years of freelance and professional experience. I have a passion for writing code and tweaking pixels. I'm always hungry to code and learn more.

I am currently employed at Middlebury College as a web developer where I collaborate with my team to build micro sites, Wordpress themes, create frontend design systems (Coming Soon) for numerous Drupal sites, and develop custom HTML emails. I enjoy working on tooling and finding ways to improve workflows.

I am also the creator/maintainer of a project called Fateseal which has consumed a lot of my free time. Check it out in my projects.

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If you want to reach out, I'm open to networking but not currently seeking new employment or freelance work. I'll get back to you in 24 hours.